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Microgreens - More Than Just a Garnish

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I have been on a hunt for a way to get more greens and nutrition in my meals for quite some time. Research shows that microgreens have more nutritional value than their full-grown counterparts (on a pound for pound comparison). As a result, I feel like I'm giving my meals a huge boost by adding them on top or the side. Most people use them as a garnish to make their plates more attractive, but I use them as an integral ingredient and in some cases that is my only vegetable for the meal.

Below is a picture of a taco salad on sunflower shoots with cilantro microgreens on top. That has become a goto meal for me. The sunflower shoots add a fresh taste that you just don't get with regular lettuce. Speaking of food, my mac and cheese with shrimp and crawfish should be ready - I'm going to put a nice big pile of Broccoli microgreens on that to up the nutritional value.

While this is meant for Recipe ideas, let me know if there are any other subjects you would like me to research/write about in the comment section. Also - post your own pictures of how you use your microgreens!

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