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Add Your Micros to Everyday Meals

I get the question, "what do i do with them?" quite often. So, I decided to show you a few more ideas that are not full blown recipes that I have done recently using things that most people have in the pantry.

First is a good vegetarian meal that really fills the belly. I used organic Black beans that I sauted some onions and peppers for first before adding the beans and half a can of fire roasted tomatoes.

I also added a little cumin, garlic powder, oregano and salt. For the Rice, after it was cooked I added the other half of the fire roasted tomatoes and a handful of Cilantro microgreens and mixed it up real good. Then my in my bowl I topped the rice with the beans and then added some avocado, cherry tomatoes and a good sprinkling of Cilantro microgreens. I could have added a mild microgreen along with it like a broccoli or sunflowers to up the nutrition, but I was feeling a bit lazy.

Funny story about the rice - When COVID-19 first caused a run on the stores I was at Costco picking up a few things. Brown rice was on my list but they didn't have any. So, then I looked for a smaller bag of white rice. All they had was a 50 pound bag of white rice. I'll be eating rice for quite a while now. LOL

The next one is made with left over crawfish and a jar of pasta sauce and pasta.

Our family loves crawfish, or I guess it's more that I love crawfish and my husband tolerates them as long as a peel one for him for every 2 I do for me. Last week we bought a big 33-pound bag and boiled them up with potatoes, corn and artichokes. Delicious!! I intentionally get a lot so I have leftovers for a day or two and some to put in the freezer for winter. This would also be good with shrimp if you prefer that over crawfish. Just make sure to cook them first before adding to the sauce.

For this meal I actually used regular Linguine, but I would prefer a gluten free option that was not available at the time due to the COVID-19 run on the grocery store. Sometimes Beggars can't be choosy. Anyway, I included a picture of my favorite Vodka Sauce from Rao's, my favorite gluten-free pasta that is made from Chick Peas that I just bought to replenish my stock and our Kale microgreens that would be awesome with it. All I did was boil the pasta, simmer the peeled cooked crawfish in the vodka sauce and pile them in a bowl with some microgreens. The ones I used were the mild mix that had gotten a little overgrown, but you could use just about any of the micros on top other than the mustard or spicy mix that might fight with the mild crawfish flavor. I think I would do the Kale microgreens next time or stick with the mild mix - those go with just about anything!

I hope this shows you that you don't have to be a culinary expert in the kitchen to find ways to use the microgreens. Just start adding small amounts to your regular meals. Pretty soon you'll be trying to find things to add them to because they are so pretty and really boost the nutritional value of your meals. Shop Now

By the way, the bread in the pasta picture is one of my favorite bread machine recipes - and no it's not gluten free. It is loaded with rosemary and Italian spices so is great with the pasta broiled with butter, Parmesan cheese and garlic. Let me know if you want the recipe. YUMMY!!

Wishing Good Health To You All!

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