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Awesome Salsa with Cilantro Microgreens

I was working in my veggie garden and harvested a nice bowl of cherry tomatoes, a bunch of jalapenos and broke off a few stalks of garlic chives as I was dividing up my clumps.

That looked like a great start to some fresh salsa, and I have to say I do believe that is the best batch I've ever made. Awesome Salsa!

Recipe (give or take - I am bad about not following recipes)

20+ cherry tomatoes One jalapeno ribs and seeds removed (adjust for desired heat) 2 garlic chive stalks 1 tsp cumin 1-2 tsp chili powder Good sprinkling of salt Half lime juice squeezed One nice handful of cilantro microgreens

I blended with my nutribullet although any blender should work. Easy peasy - no chopping. Just throw it all in and blend.

Can't wait to have more tomatoes ready. We always have cilantro growing in the grow room. Make sure to add it to your next order!!

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