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Our Story

At The Culinary Basket we strive to grow microgreens and flowers in an innovative way using organic methods that are healthy, local and economical, as well as beautiful on your plate. I love to grow things and, with rising food costs, my goal is to deliver local, fresh, healthy food year-round at a price that is comparable or less than other salad greens. Chefs and retailers can email me at with any questions or to request a sample and a cost analysis. Check out our online shop to see what is currently available. We are always adding/updating products so check back often. Email us if you don't see what you want and we'll see if we can grow it for you.

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Helen Korb

Owner / Grower

Helen has been working in the corporate world for almost 30 years as a financial analyst in various positions. In an effort to combine her love or growing plants and a desire to eat better and cook more, she discovered her new passion in microgreens. Who knew these tiny little plants pack such a powerful health punch. She can't wait to share her microgreens with you!

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